Apple iOS 12 is Here

2018-09-18 3589 Posted by 3uTools

Apple's iOS 12 is here, adding improved performance, Life Balance features, Memoji, Augmented Reality, ARKit 2, and more. Among the most notable are:

Performance Updates

Apple says enhancements will make apps more responsive, meaning you’ll be able to take pictures faster and launch apps in less time. The updates will improve the performance of phones back to the iPhone 5s and the original iPad Air.

Personalized Animoji

Like Nintendo’s Mii characters, you’ll now be able to make an emoji that resembles you—and utilize Apple’s animated emoji technology when sending them in messages and Facetime. Four new animoji are also being added, including a T. Rex.

Screen Time

Worried about how much time you or your kids spend on a phone or tablet? This feature will track usage and let parents set limits.


With so many apps pushing notifications to users, the home screen has become fairly cluttered for many people. Instant Tuning will let you reduce those interruptions, grouping them together so you can more easily see the ones that are most important to you.

Do Not Disturb

Need some alone time? This feature will block alerts, messages, or calls for whatever period of time you set. It will also automatically turn off once that period ends, ensuring you’re not cut off entirely if you forget to reset your phone.

Photo Search

Our phones are clogged with photographic memories, which can make it hard when you’re looking for a specific shot. This new feature makes it a bit easier.

Redesigned stocks app

Keep track of how the markets are doing with this new look for the stocks app. Also, it will finally be available for iPad users as well.

Apple iOS 12 is Here

Apple released iOS 12 on Monday five days after its announcements of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The new OS features better performance for older devices, Augmented Reality and ARKit 2, new life balance tools, and tweaks to Siri, Photos and Apple News. 

Apple's Tim Cook announced at the top of the keynote September 12 that Apple will soon ship its two-billionth iOS device. Later in the keynote, after Cook unveiled three new iPhones, Phil Schiller announced that iOS 12 would be available on September 17, while shipping on the new devices. 

iOS 12 was first unveiled at WWDC in June, and was followed by 12 developer betas, and ten for the general public. A look at what's in the new iOS.

You could upgrade to iOS 12 in 3uTools.

Apple iOS 12 is Here

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