Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of iOS 12, Here's Everything New in it

2018-08-07 777 Posted by 3uTools

Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of iOS 12, Here's Everything New in it

Today, Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 12 to developers and for public testing. Let's go through this latest update to see what has changed in this update. The changes are getting more difficult to find, but there are still notable changes to talk about.

In this beta, we saw new splash screens added to the Stocks app. Apple often adds these splash screens with major new updates to indoctrinate new users to the changes that were made in that particular app. They've been added in waves throughout the betas, but as we get closer to the actual release, more have been added.

Other changes include new wallpapers in the Home app and a new AirPlay icon on the lock screen during playback to wireless headphones or speakers.

Full list of changes (live updating)

  • App Store splash screen

  • iTunes Store splash screen

  • Books splash screen (at least for us)

  • TV app splash screen

  • Music splash screen

  • Reordered wallpapers

  • Removed iOS 10 wallpaper

  • New AirPlay icon on lock screen

  • Bolder font in Maps

  • Home app wallpapers removed

  • New gradient color wallpapers in Home app

  • Notification close button moved to the right in landscape mode

Source: appleinsider

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