Cydia Replacement Sileo Teased on Video Once Again Ahead of Release, Shows off Faster Performance

2018-07-24 2496 Posted by 3uTools

Yet another demonstration of Cydia replacement, Sileo, has been pushed out into the public domain. Last week we managed to get a look at how to add a repository to the Sileo installer app. Now, with this latest video tease, we’re getting an opportunity to see just how fast and efficient refreshing repos will be.

This second teasing video has been pushed out into the public domain via the new and official @getSileo Twitter account, which looks to be the default location for information and news pertaining to what is described as “a proper APT Package Manager for jailbroken iOS 11 and up.”

Cydia Replacement Sileo Teased on Video Once Again Ahead of Release, Shows off Faster Performance

It’s immediately evident that the Twitter biography is taking a veiled stab at Cydia by describing itself as “proper.” We’re sure that Jay Freeman, as well as multiple other members of the community, would argue against and take exception to that statement. However, we digress.

The video itself shows all of the added repositories being refreshed with a pull-to-refresh type mechanism. It then shows the user jumping into the All Packages section and choosing categories one-by-one to show all of the packages contained within a specific category. There is also the visibility of the real-time search functionality within the app with the user-interface instantly updating to reflect whatever the user is currently typing in.

It’s an important share not only because it gives us another look at the app and what it’s capable of, but it also shows just how fast an update and refresh can be with Project Repo-Unclutterinstalled which immediately gets rid of non-compatible packages and tweaks.

The account and team, including CoolStar, have also provided some additional information in a variety of tweets which give a little additional insight into Sileo. For starters, there has been some speculation about whether or not Sileo will block known repositories which host pirated content. The official account has confirmed that this will not be the case and that users are “responsible for their own devices,” which includes the repos they add and the packages that they install. No help will be provided if problems do arise from those installations but those users will be free to access pirated repos should they wish to.

CoolStar has also been active on Twitter waxing lyrical about Sileo and the benefits that it will bring to jailbroken users due to the fact that it doesn’t index approximately 55,000 items which Cydia displays but which haven’t been updated to offer compatibility since iOS 9. It would appear that is why Sileo is so quick to refresh content as it indexes a lot less than Cydia. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

Source: @GetSileo [Twitter]

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