Apple’s no Longer Providing Free Speaker Repair to iPhone 7 Users

2018-07-18 1303 Posted by 3uTools

A few months ago, Apple ostensibly acknowledged that some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units were experiencing issues with the built-in microphone . As such, an internal memo showed that Apple was willing to fix those handsets free of charge, even when they were out of warranty. Unfortunately, it now looks like Cupertino is no longer offering that exemption. 

According to MacRumors, as of last week, Apple’s no longer authorizing free repairs on this issue when the iPhone is past its warranty period. Additionally, the internal document, which MacRumors also discovered, was also deleted.

 Apple’s no Longer Providing Free Speaker Repair to iPhone 7 Users

As it explains:

While only a limited number of customers are affected, one source told us that the microphone issues are still prevalent, and do not appear to have been resolved, so it’s unclear why Apple chose to stop offering exceptions.

In the original memo, Apple said iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users might experience a grayed-out speaker button during phone calls, or have difficulties not being heard during calls or Facebook chats. At the time, Apple didn’t identify a cause for the issue.

There’s no telling why Apple would offer this type of warranty exemption only to kill it two months later. It could be that the memo was issued incorrectly, or maybe Apple has decided to retire the iPhone 7 this Fall and no longer wants to pay for out-of-warranty repairs on a discontinued device.

Whatever the reason, hopefully, we’ll hear from Apple soon.

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