AppSync Unified Update For iOS 11.4 Electra Jailbreak Released

2018-07-13 3143 Posted by 3uTools

The extremely well-developed and long-lasting jailbreak tweak, AppSync Unified, has once again been updated to offer compatibility with the latest jailbreakable version of Apple’s iOS platform. Released as version 30.0, the latest AppSync Unified fully supports iOS 11.4 beta 3 jailbreak.

AppSync Unified is one of those astronomical packages which blows your mind every single time it gets updated and pushed out into Cydia with compatibility enhancements.

AppSync Unified Update For iOS 11.4 Electra Jailbreak Released

As of now, the tweak is one of the most prominent downloads through Cydia and offers backwards compatibility all the way back to iOS 5, which, incidentally, was first released in October 2011! So, that should give you an idea of just how much work has gone into, and continues to go into, ensuring that AppSync Unified is functional with modern and historical jailbreaks.

The official changelog accompanying this latest release is as follows:

  • Confirmed compatibility with all supported iOS versions up to iOS 11.4.

  • Artificially bumped version number to 30.0 to override all known third-party modifications of AppSync Unified available from piracy repos that will cause damage to your iOS installation. Please DO NOT use AppSync Unified for piracy.

So, rather than offering any type of feature upgrade or functionality enhancement, this latest release is once again purely about compatibility and ensuring that everyone jailbreaking on iOS 11.4 beta using Electra is able to enjoy the legitimate purposes of the package on the latest jailbroken version of iOS 11.

And when we say legitimate, the developer is once again pushing home the reality that AppSync Unified has not been created for piracy reasons, which is once again enforced by the artificial bump in versioning which takes AppSync Unified to version 30.0 in order to “override all known third-party modifications” of the package which are being distributed via third-party repositories.

If you are jailbroken on iOS 11.x using Electra and you need this package for its intended purposes, then you can be sure that it now fully supports all the way up to iOS 11.4 betas and will continue to be upgraded and released into the community with the necessary support and compatibility improvements as and when. And remember, please continue to support developers and pay for software and packages which are useful to you and which improve your mobile experience.

For users who don't know Appsync Unified: 

AppSync Unified is a tweak that patches installd to allow for the installation of unsigned, fakesigned, or ad-hoc signed IPA packages on an iOS device.

AppSync Unified can be used to downgrade or clone installed apps, to download fakesigned IPAs (often emulators), and also to assist in the development of iOS applications using Xcode.

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