Apple Shares Three New iPhone Photography Tutorials

2018-02-24 850 Posted by 3uTools

Apple updated its YouTube channel with three new tutorials designed to walk people through using various photography features on the iPhone. 

The videos cover shooting an overhead photo on iPhone 
using the level feature, shooting in black and white, and adjusting slo-mo timing on iPhone to change the slow motion effect of a previously captured slo-mo video. 

Each video is approximately 30 seconds in length and shows step-by-step instructions on using each feature, with the actual recording done on an iPhone's display to effectively demonstrate each action. 

Apple regularly shares iPhone photography tutorials in this ongoing tutorial video series to provide users with tips and tricks on using various Photos and Camera features. Like many of Apple's tutorial videos, these new tutorials are aimed at people who aren't particularly familiar with the feature set of the iPhone. 

Apple does, however, sometimes highlight features that even some seasoned users might not be aware of or remember, so these videos are often worth the 30 seconds it takes to watch them.

Source: macrumors

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