iPhone Battery Replacement Waits are Shortening, Analyst Says
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Some good news if you're hoping to swap out your iPhone’s battery now that Apple has slashed prices on replacements: the wait time to get a new one appears to be dropping. As reported by Business Insider, a Barclays analyst says that the waiting period to get a new battery has dropped from an average of four weeks back in January to an average of two weeks today. The maximum wait had also fallen, dropping from six weeks to four and a half, likely depending on phone model and location.

iPhone Battery Replacement Waits are Shortening, Analyst Says

The figures come from Barclays’ study of 30 Apple Stores, which it’s been calling to track times for replacements. Shortly after battery replacements were cut to $29, several battery models were said to be in short supply, particularly for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPhone 6S Plus. That may have put off potential customers — although the discounts will stay in place for the rest of the year, so the only rush is how badly anyone wants to get their phone up to full speed and their battery life extended. But given how quickly batteries deteriorate, that could be a big deal for a lot of people.

As part of Barclays’ research, the analyst also says that Apple’s battery replacement discounts could convince more people to repair their current iPhone instead of buying a new one, which would be bad news for the company and its investors. That may be so, but it’s good news for customers, who previously may have believed the only way to get a full-speed iPhone again is to buy a new one. At $29, replacing your phone’s battery and getting more time out of an otherwise usable device may be the way to go.

Source: theverge

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