Foxccon Leakage: iPhone 7 with No Home Button!

2015-12-23 3497 Posted by 3uTools

Foxccon Leakage: iPhone 7 with No Home Button!


The current sales volume growth of new iPhone seems to be slowing, and the stock price of Apple has dropped by 21% while compared to the price of 134.54 dollars in the last third of July. Lots of analysts from the Wall Street have brought down the expected earnings of Apple in the next year for the reason that the requirements for iPhone 6s in the global market enter a period of saturation. Now the only thing which can push the shipment quantity of Apple to a new high is iPhone 7/7 Plus.


At present a leakage video from Foxccon revealed the real appearance of the next generation of iPhone which has no home button! However, one thing to note is that it has not been strongly confirmed.


In fact, what we see from the leakage photo or video is probably one mobile phone model of iPhone 7, because there is no any button on two sides of the device. The iPhone 7 still continues the full-metal design, and it’s highlighted that there is no home button on the front.


Not long ago the Apple has applied for the particular patent of integrating the fingerprint recognition onto the phone screen, and thus it’s possible to deduce that this feature has been successfully realized.


In addition to that, it seems that the device is equipped with borderless design, and the camera is set at the center of the top on the back panel.


However, all those design elements turn out to be a little peculiar. The final scheme could not be like this if this is one prototype for iPhone 7. As you know, 3uTools has previously reported that for the sake of emotional user experience, Jony Ive, Apple’s top designer, may pick up one particular choice out of tens of iPhone prototypes.


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