UPS Driver Delivers $1,000 iPhone X to A Florida Home But Then Returns to STEAL It Two Hours Later

2017-12-19 2009 Posted by 3uTools

UPS driver delivers $1,000 iPhone X to a Florida home right on time but then returns to STEAL it two hours later

A UPS driver, who delivered the new iPhone X to a Florida home, was caught on video stealing the device just two hours later.


Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office identified the driver as Jason Mohn, 47, who was working as a contractor for UPS. 

Mohn delivered the $1,000 iPhone X to Jovita Acute-Parker's home on Tuesday, but then allegedly came back to steal it.

Surveillance video installed at Acute-Parker's home shows Mohn delivering the package on time. 

But another clip from her home shows a man, wearing the same clothes as Mohn wore earlier in the day, picking up the package from her St Pete Beach home and hiding it under his clothes. 

The man is then seen turning toward the camera as he runs off into the darkness. 

Acute-Parker watched the surveillance footage with her sister. 

They both said they were shocked when saw the man on video taking the package from her front porch.

'As soon as she pulled up the video, she's like OMG somebody's stealing your box. It's an iPhone that they're stealing because there are two big other envelopes there,' Acute-Parker told ABC Action News

Mohn was fired after his supervisor found the iPhone X in his personal belongings at work on Wednesday, according to a police report.

Acute-Parker said the phone 'was $999 plus tax so it's $1,068 something dollars' and she planned to give it to her friend as a Christmas gift.   

Mohn was charged with grand theft.

Source: dailymail

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