What to Expect from Apple's Next Phone?

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It hasn’t been that long since Apple took the wraps off the iPhone X, but it’s clear that the release of this $999 phone has opened a new chapter in Apple’s smartphone story. The smartphone ditches the physical home button and Touch ID, opting instead for a revamped design with an OLED screen that covers nearly its entire front. Add that to the inclusion of a new Face ID face scanner and wireless charging, and it’s perhaps no surprise this new iPhone is so popular.

But now that the iPhone X is on store shelves, the rumor mill is turning its attention to the 2018 slate of iPhones, including possible follow-ups. And if the reports are accurate, there’s a good chance Apple will take what it’s delivered in the iPhone X and expand it to more of its phones next year.

Here’s a look at all the latest rumors surrounding the 2018 slate of iPhones.

What to Expect from Apple's Next Phone?

When Can We Expect Apple to Update Its iPhone Lineup?

Considering this year’s iPhone releases are still fresh in the memory, and that Apple continues to ramp up iPhone X production to meet demand, it’s a safe bet Apple’s not planning any big announcements in the first half of 2018. Apple typically holds off on major iPhone updates until September, and there’s no reason to believe it will deviate from that pattern.

What Will Apple Call Its 2018 Phones?

That’s up in the air, too. It’s unclear if the iPhone X moniker is a one-off that Apple used to mark the 10th anniversary of its smartphone lineup or that all future phones featuring the new design will be part of the X family. That’s something we expect to become more clear as we get deeper into 2018.

What Features Can We Expect in the Next iPhone?

Bring On the Augmented Reality: Apple has made it clear that it’s committed to augmented reality, and there are now reports that the company will double down on the technology in the coming years.

Apple plans to deliver new laser sensors in a future iPhone X that will be capable of mapping the 3D environment around a person and using that information to inform augmented reality applications.

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