Former Apple Employee Shares The 'Rules For Success' The Company Gave Him

2017-08-11 1407 Posted by 3uTools

One ex-Apple employee has held on to a set of tips for success from the technology giant for over a decade.

Former Apple solutions consultant, Huxley Dunsany, resurfaced the laminated note card his boss gave him in 2004 with 11 strategies for employees to prosper in a post on Reddit under the username Wowbobwow.

Dunsany writes that he worked at Apple as a solutions consultant for over six years. He describes the job as, "the full-time Apple corporate employee stationed inside the Mac area at CompUSA (and later Best Buy). It was a largely forgotten role that faded out as the Apple Stores blew up, but for the first few years I loved it."

Former Apple Employee Shares The 'Rules For Success' The Company Gave Him

Since leaving the company, the lessons have stuck with him. In the post, the former employee explains what rule number five, "everyone sweeps the floor," means to him today.

Now, when he himself is hiring new employees in his role as an IT consultant, he uses the idea in job interviews. He says he asks another employee to come in and mention that the trash needs to be taken out.

With over 50,000 up-votes on Reddit, it seems like the tips from Apple are gaining traction.

Dunsany writes, "I'm so happy that this odd post seems to have resonated with so many people."

This story has been updated to include the name of the former employee.

Source: cnbc

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