Apple Has Officially Started Assembling iPhone SE in India

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A report from The Wall Street Journal today confirmed that Apple has completed a trial run of assembling iPhone SE in India at its factory in Karnataka.

The factory is being operated by Apple’s Taiwanese partner Wistron Corp. Apple also separately confirmed that it has begun assembling iPhone SE in Bangalore, Karnataka and will start shipping the first ‘Made in India’ iPhones to customers from this month.

Retail stores are expected to get their hands on locally assembled iPhone SE shipments by this week or the next.

Apple Has Officially Started Assembling iPhone SE in India

The manufacturing of Apple’s cheapest iPhone model, the SE, was handled earlier this month by Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron Corp., which has an assembling unit in the southern state of Karnataka, a state official with direct knowledge of the matter told The Wall Street Journal.

Apple said in a statement that it has begun initial production of a small number of iPhone SE handsets in Bangalore and will begin shipping the Indian-made devices to domestic customers this month. The first devices could hit stores as early as this week or next, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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