With Swift Playgrounds, Apple Has a Chance to Change Programming Forever

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When Apple announced the Swift programming language at WWDC in 2014, they aimed to change the way developers program forever. Promoted as a more resilient and flexible language, it was adopted, refined, and for the most part embraced. Less than 3 years later, Apple is set to revolutionize the way we program again. This time it's not through veteran programmers, it's through 9-16 year old students.

Through programming, coding, and as President Obama put it #CS4ALL, Apple has a chance to redefine and crown itself again as a unstoppable technological force in education.

With Swift Playgrounds, Apple Has a Chance to Change Programming Forever

Apple aims to achieve this through a relatively new education platform called Swift Playgrounds. Swift Playgrounds is inspired by current coding trends in education, but in true Apple form has been redesigned to be real world applicable and relevant beyond the platform itself.

Swift Playgrounds is a game-based experience that teaches the Swift language and challenges users to masterfully solve a puzzle-like journey, all while programing in the native Swift language. This is unique in the world of coding education. Most programing platforms either lack real program language interaction, or are missing an engaging visual that will show students how their code, even the most basic string, can make things happen. In the words of Apple, they want you to “learn serious code on your iPad in a seriously fun way.”

Source: 9to5mac

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