MacBook Pro Retina, The Battery Catches Fire And Explodes

2017-03-02 700 Posted by 3uTools

A MacBook Pro 2015 Retina started to heat up exceedingly, to the point of catching fire and damaged irreversibly. It happened in the US, and it is an isolated case.

While surfing on the Internet, Daniel Dourvaris it realized that the battery in your MacBook Pro began to discharge abnormally:

MacBook Pro Retina, The Battery Catches Fire And Explodes

"One afternoon I was lying in bed surfing the Internet when my Mac has died suddenly. I turned back and within a few seconds I heard a strange hissing sound, followed by white smoke and thin flames emitted from the back. "

At that, the man ran to the bathroom and the laptop lying on ceramic tile, and then going away worried; it was then that he heard a loud explosion that ripped through the computer and thrown off the back panel. The heat was "crazy" and the house "was filled with smoke everywhere, and the smell of burning plastic made his eyes water."

MacBook Pro Retina, The Battery Catches Fire And Explodes

Fortunately, Dourvaris was nearby when the Mac has caught fire, otherwise the damage could have been really important.

Someone has compared the event to the Galaxy Note 7 flop, but the comparison is not feasible. This Mac is for the moment a black sheep, while Samsung had a design flaw that puts them all at risk.

What no manufacturer will never tell you is that any device based on lithium batteries can catch fire spontaneously due to a fault; in other words, it is not the first Apple device to explode, nor will be the last. The only consolation is that such incidents are very rare.

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