One Massive Reason To Forget Apple’s New MacBook Air

2020-12-11 202 Posted by 3uTools

Although Apple’s latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops are picking up critical acclaim to go along with the increased performance of the M1 processor, recently published documents add weight to the argument that you would be best served waiting for the next update. 

The details come in a patent titled “Electronic Devices Including Laser-Textured Glass Cover Members”. Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple: "The laser-texturing methods may produce a more smoothly textured surface than some conventional abrasive etching techniques. For example, laser-textured surfaces may have features that are more rounded than those obtained with some conventional techniques. Textured surfaces with rounded features may provide a smoother feel to the electronic device and may make the textured surface easier to clean.

One Massive Reason To Forget Apple’s New MacBook Air


While this is unlikely to be a make-or-break feature in a new MacBook, it is another weight to add to the already unbalanced scales on the ‘buy now or wait till 2021’ when looking at the Apple Silicon powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro machines launched last month.

On one side of the scale, you have the benefits of the ARM-based M1 processor, including more power and performance, longer battery life, and less heat generated. With the Rosetta 2 emulation looking robust (albeit with some crinkly edges) most mainstream apps will run happily, although older x86 based apps will take a hit on performance and reduce your battery life.

On the other side are all the planned features that are expected in 2021’s update to the Mac laptops. The current M1 laptops are running the old design of Air and Pro. That’s good enough for many, but with the likes of mini-LED screens, the expectation of the 13-inch MacBooks being uprated to 14-inch MacBooks, stronger and faster chips with more cores and greater graphics capabilities… and all the subtle touches that Apple brings to a new design, such as a new etching process that reduces waste and creates a better tactile sensation for the consumer.

If power is all you need, and you need it right now, then the new M1 Macs are perfectly suited. But if you’re looking for a bit more grace and style with the latest research and features, you might be better off letting everyone get the bugs out of Apple’s ARM hardware before you invest in a better machine.

Source: Forbes

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