How to Buy iPhone X on iOS 11.1.2 for Jailbreak Purposes?
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If you are looking to invest heavily in Apple’s iPhone X but want to ensure that it can be jailbroken using the existing tools on the market – such as Electra – then you are going to need to make sure that your purchase comes with iOS 11.1.2 installed.

Clearly, just walking into a shop and purchasing iPhone X, or grabbing one online, can prove to be a gamble, so you want to give yourself the best possible chance of being satisfied.

How to Buy iPhone X on iOS 11.1.2 for Jailbreak Purposes?

It’s worth mentioning that there is no sure-fire, guaranteed way to purchase iPhone X with iOS 11.1.2 installed. Unless you are purchasing it through secondary sales channels and can physically look at the firmware version, you are always going to be playing a little bit of a lottery. However, with the methods below, you can give yourself the best possible fighting chance of getting iPhone X with iOS 11.1.2 installed. All you need to do is to check for serial number on the back of the retail box before purchasing it, and then follow instructions below to see which firmware does that particular iPhone X unit comes pre-installed with.

Option 1:

One of the great things about some web services on the internet is that they instantly give you access to information that you wouldn’t otherwise have. With the SNDeepInfo website at sndeep.info/en, you are able to pump in the serial number of the iPhone X and get back a lot of information about it. This includes being able to find out if the device was manufactured before the week of December 2nd, 2017. That’s when Apple released iOS 11.2, so it’s likely that iPhone X units produced before then will have a jailbreakable firmware pre-installed.

How to Buy iPhone X on iOS 11.1.2 for Jailbreak Purposes?

Option 2:

If the above doesn’t work for you, another option is to check the serial number on the back of the box and see whether it contains VQ or VR. Those particular units are known to ship with iOS 11.1.2 installed, which means you have a strong chance of getting iOS 11.1.2 on that device and then being able to jailbreak it.

Option 3:

If the above two options don’t cut it for you, then there is a website which lets you pump in a serial number of iPhone and find out exactly which version of iOS it ships with!

How to Buy iPhone X on iOS 11.1.2 for Jailbreak Purposes?

So, next time you’re standing in the Apple Store and get handed a boxed iPhone X, just head over to fecaleagle.github.io and quickly type that serial number in before you make the purchase.

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