More Than Just a Redesign: Photos in iOS 18 Will Also Beef up Security
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The Photos app will be getting its biggest upgrade ever in the fall of 2024


More Than Just a Redesign: Photos in iOS 18 Will Also Beef up Security

Apple's Photos and the Camera app aren't just getting a redesign, they're also getting security improvements as well. Here's how.


The move is part of an effort to further protect the popular apps from misuse. Apple says the Photos app is one of its most popular, managing some three trillion pictures and videos per year.


At least some of that data is among the most personal to most users, so preventing misuse of images is paramount.


Apple took time during its WWDC presentation in June 2024 to promote an AI-powered redesign for the Photos app. The changes will help users find specific pictures fast, easily remove unwanted items or people, and intelligently create collections and videos, among other changes.


The changes in the next version of Photos go beyond just the app and its stored images. Third-party apps on the App Store will be re-examined for privacy risks before being allowed to ask to access images.


Users will also be informed of what outside apps are asking for permission to get from Photos. Users will be able to create a sub-catalog of images and videos for third-party apps to access.


For example, users could exclude sensitive images and videos from any third-party app access, even if the app otherwise has "full" access to the Photo Library.


Photos redesign adds Apple Intelligence features


Billy Sorrentino, a senior director at Apple's human interface team, spoke to UAE news publication The National about the redesign. He said that "rather than hunt and peck throughout, we've created a simple streamlined single view photos experience based on deep intelligence."


"Everyone has a different workflow, and so automatic customization is really key here," added Della Huff, manager of camera and photos at Apple's product marketing team. "Lots of deep intelligence combined with customisation means that Photos can be more personal."


Huff added that reators and influencers would likely find that the new Photos app allows them to create and then incorporate visual content faster than before. The new features in Photos will largely be powered by Apple Intelligence.


The latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, can use on-device processing to enable the features. Recent devices compatible with iOS 18 will likely rely on Apple's Private Cloud Compute to handle AI features.


Other new features coming to the Photos app include being able to find photos by simply describing them, as well as creating albums more easily. The app itself will automatically generate new Collections and Memories based on similar photos, or when and where they were taken.


Collections will gain new animations and sound effects that can be used, and screenshots can be intelligently filtered away from personal photos or albums. The new iOS 18 and the other OS versions are expected to arrive in the fall of 2024.


Source: Appleinsider

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