iPhone 17 Pro Max Rumored to Feature 48MP Telephoto Lens
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The iPhone 17 Pro Max will likely feature a 48-megapixel Telephoto lens, according to Jeff Pu, an analyst who covers companies within Apple's supply chain.


iPhone 17 Pro Max Rumored to Feature 48MP Telephoto Lens

In a research note this week with Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong International Securities, focused on Apple supplier Largan Precision, Pu said the iPhone 17 Pro Max's upgraded 48-megapixel Telephoto lens will be optimized for use with Apple's upcoming Vision Pro headset, set to be released in the U.S. in early 2024. Pu did not provide any additional details about the lens, or how it will interface with the Vision Pro.


iPhone 15 Pro models have 48-megapixel main, 12-megapixel ultra wide, and 12-megapixel telephoto lenses. Starting with iOS 17.2, these devices can record spatial video with 3D depth for playback on the Vision Pro. When held in landscape orientation, the main and ultra wide lenses combine to record spatial video with added depth.


Earlier this year, Pu said iPhone 16 Pro models would feature a 48-megapixel ultra wide lens, so the iPhone 17 Pro Max might be the first iPhone model to have a rear camera system entirely with 48-megapixel lenses. Higher megapixels allows for photos to have more detail, which can be useful for cropping and printing.


iPhone 17 Pro models are expected to launch in September 2025, so they are still nearly two years away, and Apple's plans might not be finalized.


Source: Macrumors

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