PanGu Team Has Successfully Jailbroken iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta1
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How to jailbreak iOS9.3.3? How to jailbreak iOS10? Pangu Team has successfully jailbroken iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta 1. Then when will iOS9.3.3/IOS9.3.2/iOS10 jailbreak tools be released?

PanGu Team Has Successfully Jailbroken iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta1

PanGu team has just announced their latest achievements about iOS10 jailbreak on the MOSEC2016, a mobile security technologies summit conference held on July 1st, 2016. They displayed how to jailbreak iOS10 beta1 through a video demonstration in the conference site.

PanGu Team Has Successfully Jailbroken iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta1

The pictures shows that Cydia can normally operate on iOS10 Beta, but PanGu haven’t released more detailed info.

After the conference ended, OGC557, the core member of the PanGu Security Team, told the journalist that the video demon on jailbreaking iOS10 Beta1 was real. What’s more, he added that iOS9.3.3 jailbreak had been finished by PanGu team. Thus, the key point is that when the iOS10/9.3.3/9.3.2 jailbreak tools will be released by the team.

The PanGu Team indicated in the interview that “we have realized technical breakthroughs in iOS jailbreak, so jailbreaking iOS9.3/ iOS10 is not so difficult for us”.

“In fact, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak and iOS10 Beta1 jailbreak adopt different loopholes, and Apple has patched some loopholes in the latest iOS10 Beta 1. For example, we have prepared some loopholes, and one of them was used to realize Sandbox Escape on iOS9.3.3. This particular loophole can work on iOS9.3.3’s security mechanism, but becomes invalid on iOS10.“ The team said.

In addition, the PanGu team have already acquired two sets of loopholes for iOS9.3.3/iOS10Beta1 jailbreak untethered. If Apple patches the current set of loopholes, they will continue to use the other set of loopholes to realize the jailbreak.

As to the release date of iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta1 jailbreak tools, the PanGu team haven’t given a definite answer. It’s not a long time from now to the release of the final iOS10, therefore in order to prevent Apple’s early patching, PanGu team could probably release iOS9.3.3 /iOS10 Beta1 jailbreak tools after Apple iPhone 7 event.

“We don’t have pressure now, because our competitors haven’t obtained optimistic progresses. So we decide to wait for a period.” The PanGu team said.

PanGu Team Has Successfully Jailbroken iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta1

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