New Bolt USB-C cable brings MagSafe Functionality to all MacBook Models
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Apple’s decision to move completely to USB-C was met with mixed reactions following the unveil of the redesigned MacBook Pro models last year, with the removal of MagSafe charging a notable point of contention. We’ve seen a few third-party companies aim to bring magnetic charging, but they’ve generally had their limitation.

A new solution from accessory maker Vinpok, however, aims to solve everyone’s problems…

New Bolt USB-C cable brings MagSafe Functionality to all MacBook Models

Vinpok touts that its Bolt-S magnetic USB-C cable is the “world’s first” with support for the 87W of power required to charge the 15-inch MacBook Pro. This should be taken lightly, though, as Griffin technically has a 100W magnetic USB-C cable.

Nevertheless, Vinpok’s solution is far more elegant and Apple-like than Griffin’s. The Bolt-S works nearly the same way: you insert a small magnetic dongle into your MacBook and the USB-C cable then attaches to that. It’s still not as seamless as Apple’s proprietary MagSafe technology, but Vinpok’s adapter is significantly smaller than other solutions and thus a bit easier on the eyes.

Bolt provides the easiest way for instant connection as it’s equipped with strong magnetism.. Our quick release design also allows you to detach you devices conveniently to prevent your laptop from dragging off the table.

Bolt is an exquisite yet impressively durable USB-C magnetic cable to make charging easier and more convenient with your MacBook, MacBook Pro as well as any other USB-C devices like notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Unfortunately, Bolt does not yet have a release date with the company only saying that it’s coming “soon.” This is somewhat of a trend with accessories for Apple products, so hopefully this one sees the light of day. It will be available in silver and black.

Apple recently filed a patent application for a similar USB-C MagSafe implementation, but it’s unclear when or if the company plans to launch the product, despite calls for MagSafe’s return

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