Report Says Apple Extends AppleCare+ Purchase Deadline for iPhone

2017-03-20 1472 Posted by Reposted

According to a recent report, Apple appears to be bringing its AppleCare+ plan for iPhone more in line with offerings for the Mac and Apple TV, and looks to be allowing users to purchase the plan up to a year after initial device purchase.

Report Says Apple Extends AppleCare+ Purchase Deadline for iPhone

First reported by MacRumors, the service that retails for $129 for an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and $99 for an iPhone SE, may soon be able to be purchased much later than the 60 days that is currently allowed. 

It was also not denied by the Apple staffers both at retail and on support lines we spoke with. The AppleCare web page has also not yet been updated.

In tandem with announcing the iPhone 7 family, Apple also revised its AppleCare+ plans for iPhones, instituting a $29 screen replacement option. However, the repair fee was increased to $99 for any other form of accidental damage.

In addition to offering cheaper accident repairs, AppleCare+ also extends general warranty and support coverage to two years. Normally iPhones include just a year of defect repairs and replacements, plus 90 days of support.

Source: appleinsider

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